A developer and provider of custom agriculture equipment and supplies for over 10 years. We offer experience and support services for agricultural research specializing in soil fumigant delivery systems. Mirusso Enterprises Inc. is well positioned to serve your needs whether it be standard parts or specialty equipment.

Our research staff includes a retired Ph.D. with over 30 years of experience in field research with pesticides and fumigants.  We have the ability to fulfill professional research needs in many disciplines and the reputation that only hard work and experience can deliver. Whether you need contract research support, specialty equipment designed and constructed for your enterprise or just the best selection and fastest delivery of the parts you need, Mirusso Enterprises can provide it all.  We DELIVER!

Applying Telone With Ease and Precision: Dow AgroSciences

Mirusso Enterprises currently supplies equipment and parts to a number of major companies, including HyYield Bromine, Reddick Fumigation, Hendrix & Dail, Helena Chemical, and Wilbur Ellis.

We specialize in delivery systems and equipment:

 Telone ®     K-Pam ®     Vapam ®     Chloropicrin     Paladin ®

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