CDS John Blue Pumps

Diaphragm Pump DP-402.7 High Pressure

  • 4-diaphragm designs.
  • Ideal for air blast sprayers, poultry house washers and industrial machinery.
  • All fluid end-housing components are anodized aluminum.
  • Valves are stainless steel with exclusive spheric section shaped design for perfect sealing.
  • Diaphragms are made from chemical resistant elastomers, which increases the pump’s life even when they are used with aggressive agricultural and industrial chemicals.
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        ModelDescription Max Flow GPMMax Pres. PSIMax Speed RPMSuction Hose Discharge Port
        DP-407.14 diaphragms. Through Shaft with 1-3/8” spline both ends.40.77255501 1/2" Hose3/4" NPT


Diaphragm Pump DP-193-PP

  • The heads are designed with a patented technology that includes an aluminum die-cast core inside a polypropylene structure offering superior strength.
  • Washers and diaphragm bolts are in 316 stainless steel, an exclusive feature.
  • Die cast crankcase incorporating a new cooling system.
  • New chemically resistant diaphragm material pre-deformed to reduce the amount of deflection, increasing diaphragm life. The diaphragm material is compatible with most of the corrosive chemicals on the market today.
  • A short crankshaft stroke means the longest life possible.
  • New connecting rods in special bronze alloy offer economical and trouble free service.
  • 316 stainless steel inlet and outlet check valves.
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          Model DescriptionMax Flow GPMMax Press PSIMax PowerMax Temp °FSuct. Hose Diam.Disch. Hose DiamWeight LBLube Oil
          DP-193-PP3 diaphragms. Drive shaft 1” diameter (one side only). Negative pressure - max: 4.9 ft; intermittent: 9.8 ft.19.82182.8 HP140°F1-1/2" 1" NPT24.230 SAE

Diaphragm Pump DP-74.1
kit43 diaphragms. Can be PTO mounted, gasoline engine, hydraulic motor, or electric motor driven.

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          Model Max Flow GPMMax Pres. PSIMax Speed RPMMax Power HPSuction Hose Discharge Port
          DP-74.17.45805502.51"1/2" FNPT

Piston Pump NGP-9055
kit4Comes standard with Viton Piston Packings and Buna o-rings and rod packings.

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          Model PistonStrokeMax Flow GPMMax Pressure PSIMax Speed RPMInlet & Outlet Port
          NGP-9055Double Piston - Double ActingVariable68.41204501 1/2" FPT

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