Bed Press

New from Mirusso Enterprises! If you grow crops on raised beds where surface cross drainage is a problem, then you need the new Mirusso bedder / fumigant applicator with hydraulic chop gates. ‘Mighty Mo’ eliminates the need for shovel men in the field cutting the cross ditches, thus speeding operations and reducing potential fumigant exposure to workers. Originally designed and fabricated for a local grower, the ‘Mighty Mo’ can work for you!

Vapam is applied a few inches below the soil surface to control weeds like nutsedge and create the cross ditches for lateral flow, all in one smooth operation. The cross ditch operator on the platform can be replaced by an electronic eye to further automate the operation and remove the potential for human error. This will provide precise placement of lateral ditches in fields. The ‘Mighty Mo’ can be constructed for one or multiple row operations and customized to fit your exact needs.

This video demonstrates how quick and easy it can be to apply a fumigant at the bottom of the bed for nematode and soil borne disease control.

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