Broadcast Tarp Unit

Do you perform broadcast soil fumigation or need the ability to place multiple drip tape lines  under wide plastic mulch panels? 

Automate your operation with a new Mirusso Broadcast Tape and Tarp TM  unit.  Up to 7 drip lines can be positioned precisely beneath a standard 13 ft-wide plastic film while it is being laid.  By placing each drip tubing 1 to 2 inches deep at a uniform depth across the full width of the film, the tubing remains exactly where placed allowing other operations, such as direct planting, to proceed without damage to the tubing.  Another advantage is the ability to apply selected soil fumigants through the tubing after covering the soil with film.  Utilizing a patented braking system, drip irrigation tubing is installed without the breakage or tangles often experienced with other brands of brakes and is covered with soil to anchor the tubing for a fast, smooth operation with fewer workers in contact with the film.  Step up to a state of the art system today and increase your operational efficiency while achieving better results.  Let Mirusso Enterprises show you how we can improve your bottom line with our fine line of equipment.

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